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The North Herts Crusaders, a rugby league club based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, has been a prominent name in southern England's rugby league since its establishment in 2012.


Known for more than just its sporting achievements, the club has developed a strong identity and community presence over the years.

Initially, the Crusaders were formed with the simple intention of having fun during the summer months.


However, the club rapidly grew beyond this initial purpose, developing into a significant entity with a distinctive identity.


Eleven years on from its inception, the North Herts Crusaders have expanded their operations significantly. They now field two senior teams, a women's section, and a flourishing junior section.


The first team, the Crusaders, competes in the Southern Conference League, which is the fourth tier of Rugby League and one step below National League 1. The development team, the Knights, plays in the Eastern Premier League.


In 2021, the club marked a significant milestone by becoming the first multi-sport club in the area. This expansion included the establishment of a Netball club under the North Herts Crusaders banner and the launch of their first Women's Rugby League side.


The junior teams, spanning various age groups from under 13s to under 16s, continue to showcase remarkable talent and potential. The Women's Rugby League side, playing in the Eastern Premiership, has set its sights on entering the Betfred Women's Super League South and aims to form a second team. The Netball club comprises three teams: the Crusaders, the Knights, and the Squires, participating in indoor, winter, and summer leagues throughout the year.

The North Herts Crusaders' journey has been marked by numerous awards and honors, highlighting their success and impact both on and off the field. These accolades include being named the Best Newcomer at the Hertfordshire Sports Awards in 2012, multiple Comet Sports Awards nominations and victories, several league and cup wins, and recognition for their inspirational role and innovative approach during the lockdown in 2020.

Fundamental to the club's ethos are its core values and its strong relationships with the local community. The Crusaders are committed to using their platform for the greater good, fostering a spirit of inclusivity and inspiration both in sport and in their broader societal role.

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