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The netball section of the club is one of the fastest growing in the area with 4 teams now playing each week. We aim to launch a 5th team along with a junior section soon, continuing it's rapid expansion. 

Our Sides


Stevenage League Division 2

Crusaders are the founding team on our netball side and have been here since the start. We have built our values and strength from this team and this is reflected in their gameplay in the Stevenage Indoor League on Monday evenings. This team shows fast-paced dynamic play which is often demonstrated in indoor leagues. 


Heritage League Premier Division 

Knights are the second team we created as a club and were born from the growth and success of Crusaders. 

This team is currently playing in Heritage Premier Division which shows the fast growth and success of the team. 


Heritage League Division 2

The Royals are our new team this season following the continued recruitment of new players. The team has developed incredibly quickly, which has put them straight into division 2 within the heritage league whilst finishing 4th in the cup. This team feed into our Knights and act as a pathway for our players.


Heritage League Division 5

The Squires growth and competitiveness has seen them playing in the cup final as well as making their mark on the heritage league this season. They also make a great team as a starting team in the competitive netball scene.

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